Who do you offer counselling for?
I see young people from the age of 16 and adults with no upper age limit. I also see couples for relationship counselling.

What are your fees?
The first consultation session is charged at £20  for a 50 minute session, the consecutive sessions are charged at £40  for a 50 minute session. The initial session for couples is 1 hour and 15 min in lenght, charged at £40 for couples, consecutive sessions are £60 for 75 min.

Please ask to discuss how to make therapy accessible for you if you are receiving benfits,you are on low income or you are a full-time student. 


I accept payments by cash, cheques, all mayor cards and also bank transfers.

Session times and frequency
Appointment times are jointly agreed based on your needs, for most clients it is helpful to meet on a weekly basis. Appointments are also available in the evenings.

Commitment to confidentiality and iformation sharing will be discussed with you and jointly agreed in the first session.

Duration of counselling
I offer both short-term and long-term psychotherapy depending on your needs. We will review your progress and effectiveness on a regular basis.

First Session

It is an opportunity to answer your questions and to explore what difficulties would you like to address in counselling. It is also an opporunity to help you to choose the right therapist. Please read more about how to get started.

Further questions
Please do contact me if this website did not answer your queries.